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2014 Annual Gathering

Our SEDH 2014 Annual Gathering

Our SEDH 2014 Annual Gathering was hosted at Harbourfront Landmark in HungHom on 17May2014. There were 24 guests & 40 teammates in attendance.


We would like to thank Tong Su & Iris Wong of Amity Foundation for their participation for their 3rd year at our Annual Gathering. We also want to express gratitude to Sister Agnes of Canossian Mission HK, for her help in promoting and exposing our Programs to various groups that were sent to China on charitable missions.

The event was kicked off with updates from our teams including the Organizing Committee, Charity Program Development Team, Study Groups & Support Teams. Following, was our guest sharing by Ms. Iris Wong from Amity Foundation, updating us on the Orphan Summer Camp Project sponsored by SEDH.



Two new SEDH videos, produced by William So of Amazing Media Production were shown. The first, "They Can Make a Better Place", introduced our various SEDH teams and participating teammates. The second video, "My Days & My Dream in SEDH", showed sharing from a number of our teammates of their dreams and changes after joining SEDH. We have our many teammates to thank and special thanks to Pocus for the pictures and William for his creativity with the videos. We believe these videos capture the essence of why SEDH is persistent in our vision and mission to serve children to lead a better future.

The year 2013 marks an important milestone in SEDH, development. Not only were we officially granted our “non-profit organization” status, we also experienced great advancement in team member participation. In order to express our gratitude for all the effort and contribution, SEDH presented multiple awards to highlight outstanding teammates and projects.


Lastly, we ended the event with two activities involving all event participants to allow us to experience the areas where SEDH covers. The first activity was to allow teammates and guests to experience the intricacies involved in the preparation of materials for our children at outreaches. The following activities were split amongst the groups: 1. packing of coloring worksheets, 2. packing of greeting cards sets, 3. packing "Little Red Hen" sticker sets and 4. preparing of gift sticker sets. The second guest activity as to allow for an understanding of our personal finances as we learn at our Study Groups. We asked each event participant to fill out an account of their income and expenses. Together we looked at what a healthy financial statement should look like and shared some suggestion as to how our current situation may improve.

Again, this year’s annual gathering was a success. We thank all those that came to the event. Special thanks again to all teammates that were involved in the many facets of responsibility for making this event happen. Your support is great encouragement to all of us at SEDH as we face the coming challenges and continue on our mission.