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Charity Program

無限可能 – 善資行動兒童事工主題曲MV

Everything Is Possible – MV of Kids Missionary Theme Song of SEDH


作曲: 余永俊     填詞:西伯      編曲/混音:林子揚

MV 概念:杜霆鋒

MV 制作: 何家棋,蘇浩然@Amazing Media Production 






“Beanie ABC英語小豆芽” Rural School English Activity Program

The Birth of “Beanie ABC英語小豆芽” beanieabc

After two Summer Camp functions:

-April, 2012 trial run of “Enlighten the Kids’ Heart” Orphan Summer Camp Program organized by The Amity Foundation with the primary students of Nanjing Hankou Road

– July 2012 “Enlighten the Kid’s Heart” Orphan Summer Camp held at Donghai of Jiangsu province

Members of SEDH 善資行動 felt the children in rural areas of China lack the opportunity of learning proper English, the seeds of “Beanie ABC英語小豆芽” started to germinate.

The “Beanie ABC英語小豆芽” program, with its development base established in Hong Kong (China), provides extra-curricular activities for primary schools in the remote areas. It is done in the form of teaching gradual, systematic, and simple pattern for entry-level English and helps the teachers to establish a framework of the extracurricular English teaching.

As we move into an increasingly globalized world, the residents in the “Global Village” need to strengthen the communication and connections. Youths need to equip themselves as well as get connected with other parts of the world. It is an imperative task to improve the English education quality of elementary schools in the remote areas. Therefore, the “Beanie ABC英語小豆芽” program emerges.

The program's goal is to guide students through an enjoyable and fun learning experience to develop their interest and skills in English learning, reading and writing. They will learn through games, role plays, songs and lively classroom teaching. This will boost the learning atmosphere with images, illustrations, and thus not only stimulate students' initiative to build up their English vocabulary, it also helps them to increase their confidence and establish a positive value of life​​.

Heartfelt thanks to the children of Nanjing and Donghai of Jiangsu province in inspiring us to sow the seed of “Beanie ABC英語小豆芽”.


The execution outline of “Beanie ABC英語小豆芽” Rural School English Activity Program

1. Compilation of a simplified version of "Beanie ABC 英語小豆芽 " extra-curricular

    activities. The goals of the activities aim to:

    – Teach children to acquire basic social etiquette;

    – Establish children's self-confidence, to understand more about themselves and

      to help them to explore their  own interests and potential;

    – Help children to understand numerals in English, arouse their interest in

      learning English through nursery rhymes;

2. Compilation of “Little Red Hen” basic English extra-curricular activities and

    learning materials. The purpose of the program is to let the children to:

    – learn English vocabulary: colors, animal names, verbs

    – enjoy reading

    – encourage collaboration

    – practise how to make a new ending to the story

3. To solidify partnership of NGO (Non-government Organization) to promote the

    extra-curricular activities of “Beanie ABC 英語小豆芽 " program for under-

    privileged children in the remote areas of China.

4. Set up ‘train-the-trainer’ program for volunteer teachers.

5. Promote the donation of English children books and related learning materials.

Amity Summer Camp

SEDH善資行動 has prepared a welcome video to the participants of the first Amity Summer Camp organized by The Amity Foundation. During the opening ceremony, children were very excited to watch the video and especially happy to see renowned singer Vivian Chow (周慧敏) cheered for them. Special thanks to Vivian for her kind support to Amity Summer Camp. 


In spring 2012, SEDH 善資行動 members helped to design the activities and held a trial run on the entire flow of Amity Summer Camp organized by The Amity Foundation with the students of Han Kou Lu Primary School, Gu Lou District in Nanjing.  The Amity Foundation also invited volunteers from local university and church; representatives from Donghai Municipal  Women's Federation of Jiangsu province to participate this meaningful event.

charityproject2 summar1

Members of SEDH 善資行動 (Lemon Doo, Wai Lun Tong, Carmen Ho, Arlene Lo, Ulfred U) participated in the production of theme song “Smile with Courage” of Amity Summer Camp, it is great to see the children sang and danced happily in the MV.