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About Us


According to the visions of our founder Ulfred U, SEDH was established in 2009 in, focusing its activities around the ability to foster a positive culture of self-enhancement, nurturing others, caring for future generations and assisting people to learn to become more financially independent.

In 2013, SEDH Foundation Limited was registered as a non-profit making organization under the regulations of Hong Kong (IRD File No.: 91/12803). Run under the umbrella of SEDH, the non-profit making organization focuses on charitable activities surrounding the nurturing of underpriviledged children in the Greater China region. SEDH is made up of member volunteers whom together manages thedaily operations, create learning  programs, identify charitable partners as well as lead and participate in charitable activities.

Built on the foundation of self-reliance, we trust that everyone has in-born abilities that is a gift to foster. SEDH aims to play a small part in the lives of underpriviledged groups to help them gain courage and trust in themselves. A little bit of care and hope may be what is needed to ignite one’s future growth. Our charity not only funds programs to allow children to participate in, we also create the programs that are used at these events. We are truly blessed with many caring and capable members that have given their time and funds to help support SEDH.

SEDH is an acronym with the meaning of:

S – Self support: build our own funds


E – Equip and educate ourselves to become an experienced and skillful investor/mentor


D – Donate a portion of our investment profits to those who are unable to build up their investment funds and need help


H – Help others to establish themselves by sharing our experience

        通過分享我們的經驗, 幫助別人去建立自己

The connotation of 善資行動 is:

– Provide mentorship to the inexperienced; guide others kindly to the right track; manage oneself and his/her resources, and share

        positive outlook of life

–  Pool resources, accumulate experiences; invest wisely to build up capital to support the needy

–  Walk the talk to participate in charitable activities in rural areas; guide and accompany others in their life journey forward

–  Interact with others to motivate, mobilize and inspire


Dream, teamwork & teammates are the most important assets of SEDH, with the effort, contribution & accomplishment of all teammates in the past, we have confidence that SEDH will help each other realize our dreams. Let’s join hands and keep pooling our contribution to make a better world for the kids & ourselves!

SEDH Teammates photo video 善資行動成員簡介短片…”They can Make a Better Place”

Great thanks to Phocus & William So of Amazing Media Production.鳴謝 Phocus自拍照相館及奇言諾媒體創作。

SEDH Teammates Interview Video 善資行動成員訪問短片… “My Days & Dream in SEDH”

Great thanks to William So of Amazing Media Production & Tong

Wai Lun. 鳴謝奇言諾媒體創作 及 湯偉倫。


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To foster a positive culture of self-enhancement, nurturing others, caring for future generations and assisting people to help themselves.

建造一個自我增值, 建立他人,關愛下代的積極助人自助文化。


To identify quality projects with the aim to help people in unfolding their potentials, particularly children in China, to enable them to lead a

positive life.



SEDH善資行動 Annual Gathering 2013


Organization Structure

The existing organization structure of SEDH 善資行動 is:

–  Organizing Committee

–  Study Groups

– Charity Program Development Team

– SEDH Foundation Limited (NGO)

Study Groups:

   1. Monthly Study Groups

        i. The 5th Generation Study Group

       ii. 2013 Newborn Study Group

   2. Quarterly Study Group

        i. PRC Study Group

   3. Non-scheduled Specific Topic Training

Charity Program Development Team:

    1. “Enlighten the Kids’ Heart” Orphans Summer Camp

    2. “Beanie ABC” Rural School English Activity Program

    3. “Healthy Kids” Training Activity (development in process)


SEDH 善資行動 Organizing Committee


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