Month: February 2016

  • 2016/2/22(Mon) nite is the SEDH NGO management meeting. We focused on serving programs updates and daily operation management. We have Ulfred, Peresa and Arlene. Our next meeting will be held in April.

  • 2016/2/22(Mon) afternoon is the first co-work planning meeting for the Foshan kids summer camp in July. We have Betty represents HHO, Sanjo represents ELCHK Cenre Luthern Church and Ulfred represents SEDH. The meeting is very fruitful, thanks God!

  • 2016/2/18(Thur) evening is a casual meeting between SEDH and Amity Foundation regarding the sponsor of the coming 5th year orphans summer camp. We have Iris of Amity and Peresa, Arlene & Ulfred.