Monthly Archives: December 2012

Last SEDH development team meeting in 2012

Tonite (2012/12/18(Wed)) is the last SEDH development team meeting in 2012, we have Alick, Jorge, Belinda and Ulfred. After the update of progress of study group, investment project groups, Beanie ABC program development group, etc, we start brain storming the 2013 plan including the 2013 SEDH dinner, new opportunities to cooperate with other charity association, […]

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SEDH 2012 study group – 11th meeting

The SEDH 2012 study group just had its 11th meeting held on 2012/12/12. We have Alex, Carmen, Cassidy, Benny & Ulfred in this last meeting in 2012. A very nice sharing on the reading material and individual 2013 investment plan. We appreciate the commitment to attend and change of each participants of the 2012 study […]

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SEDH 2012 PRC shop project 4th meeting

SEDH 2012 PRC shop project 4th meeting at Henry's Kitchen, Fortress Hill on 4 December 2012 (Joe, Dominic, Tony, Zinnia & Ulfred)

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